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We Increase your Sales Team’s Effectiveness! - Through wellness education, training and ongoing follow-up, we hone and maximize the invaluable qualities of successful sales executives.
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Journal of Labor – June 2012.  “Employees who worked out regularly at least 3 times per week earned on average 9% more income than those who don’t.”  Reasons stated:  Exercise increases energy and boosts cognitive function.

Jaydee Cutting - PresentationWe weave our practical, wellness education within your sales meeting with powerful benefits

  • We make your sales meeting more impactful!  Morning Happy Spine™ routine & Cognitive Coffee™ breaks.  Techniques to increase their energy, alertness and corresponding retention during your business meeting.

Additional benefits our practical, hands-on education and training provide your sales team 

  • Increase Focus – We teach practical, simple, proven techniques to increase cognitive function.
  • Transform Stress – Understanding stress and learning techniques to thwart it allows your sales executives to transform it from a negative, dangerous energy into a positive, driving force.
  • Increase Energy! – More energy will make a good sales executive great and a great sales executive phenomenal!
  • Maximize Time – Increasing energy and focus then decreasing stress and other energy zappers like bad posture and poor eating, maximizes this precious resource!
  • Improve Active Listening – We hone this profound sales skill by improving cognitive brain function and teaching simple, practical mindfulness techniques.
  • Increase the Effectiveness of your Meeting  –  Morning Happy Spine routine & Cognitive Coffee  breaks.  Techniques to increase their energy, alertness and corresponding retention of your business meeting.